July 5, 2017

About Me – Jithin Chandrababu


Long Story Short – I am Jithin Chandrababu, a Digital Marketing Professional based in Cochin, India.

For the last few years, working with few amazing digital marketing agencies I had the opportunity to be part of some interesting and challenging digital marketing initiatives of businesses in different competitive niches. It’s been an everyday learning experience and updating myself on a daily basis always excites me.

The best thing I love about the internet is that it’s almost free!. Yeah, you don’t have to pay a penny to use almost every exciting products, services or information available online.

What makes this possible in a world driven by money?  

The answer is something many of us hate to see – Ads! 

I am excited enough working around this wonderful industry of Advertising and Marketing online.

As a Digital Marketer by profession – loving and learning the industry to the core, I hold the vision of playing my part in making the online advertising space to be transparent, reliable and accountable in such a way that benefits all parties – Advertisers, Publishers & the End Users.

“Searchosphere – Digital Marketer Diaries” is where I would like to share my experience of being in this wonderful industry.

I am not that good at storytelling, but this is no story, so I hope you could enjoy it.